Zenity window focus bug in Intrepid

If you are a regular user of Zenity, you might have noticed an annoying behaviour in Ubuntu Intrepid. This is my problem symptom:

I have a bash script, which mount NFS. This script make use of Zenity to present graphical dialogboxes to get the user’s confirmation to mount or unmount. I created a launcher icon on the Gnome panel to execute this script.

In Intrepid, the Zenity dialogboxes always appeared below any existing window on the desktop. It did not gain the focus and appeared as the top window. I think this is the wrong behaviour, because Zenity are used to gain the user attention for some actions in a script. Therefore, it should always make itself the top/focus window in the desktop.

A bug was already filed in Launchpad, and thankfully someone created a patch to fix this problem. The command required to apply the patch was given a few comments below the link to the patch file.

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