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  • Firefox negative space

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    Why Firefox is awesome: ability to generate negative space.

  • It was delicious

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    I can’t remember what they put into Open Key 3, but it was delicious.

  • I swear I did not order that

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    I swear I did not order that.

  • Ubuntu Lucid Lynx Mobile broadband tethering to Nokia N95 Part 2

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    In part 1, wired USB tethering is explained. In this part 2, we will continue with wireless bluetooth tethering. Wireless tethering in Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) First, you need to pair the mobilephone to the Ubuntu PC. Once bluetooth pairing is completed, keep the mobilephone’s bluetooth in “visible mode” for the remaining of the steps […]

  • Ubuntu Lucid Lynx Mobile broadband tethering to Nokia N95 Part 1

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    This post is a follow up to Ubuntu Hardy Heron Nokia N95 as 3G modem. In particular, this post will describe how to set-up mobile broadband tethering from Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) to a Nokia N95 mobilephone. More than two years have passed since Ubuntu Hardy, with the corresponding improvements. With Ubuntu Lucid, the set-up […]

  • Ubuntu Lucid Lynx bluetooth pairing to Nokia N95

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    This is a follow up to the post I wrote two years ago about bluetooth pairing in Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex. Actually, I have my eeePC 900 running Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex 8.10 for two years straight, almost 6 months past the end of life of that release. Recently, however, I decided it’s time to upgrade to […]

  • Ubuntu Hardy Heron: Nokia N95 as 3G modem

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    I posted this article two years ago in ubuntu.sg website. Sadly, the site has since been taken down. However, I believe this article still has some value as Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 has not reached end-of-line yet. Therefore, I am reposting the article here. Background There are two ways of using a telecom’s 3G mobile network […]

  • Shrink Vista partition is pulling teeth

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    Confining oneself to a certain way often resulted in narrowing of view points. Whenever I supported an interested Windows refugee running into the Ubuntu camp, I easily gave the instruction that the user should de-fragment and then shrink the Windows partition. This will free up space in the harddisk for new partitions, in which Ubuntu […]

  • Slideshow of all photos in subdirectories

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    I have a collection of photos, which is stored under various sub-directories. How do I start a slideshow of the photos, without moving or copying the photos into one directory.

  • Get rid of OpenOffice Calc Delete Contents dialogbox

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    I have been using OpenOffice Calc a lot and one annoyance I faced is the “Delete Contents” dialogbox. In the beginning, I tolerated this quirk of the program, but after more than a year of clicking “Delete all” checkbox followed by “OK” button, I have had enough. Setting aside the question why this idiotic feature […]